Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s what our customers are asking:

If you are having your windows cleaned on the interior, we typically ask that our customers help to ensure all windows are accessible to our team. Having small/medium-sized items (picture frames, vases, lamps, trinkets, etc.) cleared from sills and ledges helps our team move more efficiently throughout your project.

If you are only having us clean the exterior of your windows, typically we shouldn’t need anything from you. However, if your screens are on the exterior of your home, we may need them removed or unlatched prior to our arrival. Feel free to call us prior to your cleaning if you have questions regarding screens.

We have worked with both commercial and residential windows across the country. We are experienced working with all brands/styles of windows, including combination windows and storm windows in historic homes and buildings.

Much like skipping regular oil changes for your vehicle, your windows may also become susceptible to major issues. Hard water buildup can permanently damage your glass, and waiting too long between cleanings can provide opportunities for mold and algae to grow, threatening the integrity of your frames.

Absolutely. All we ask is that all items are removed from your garage prior to our arrival.

The water fed pole, or “water pole” system is a standard window cleaning tool used by professionals. It routes your ground water through a series of filters and purifies it, allowing us to scrub windows and frames up to 4 stories high and provide a spot free rinse.

Yes! We are bonded and insured!