Frequently Asked Questions

Here's what you fine folks have asked us, so far.

window-cleaning-minneapolisLong story short, it’s our Residential Expertise that sets us apart. It is rare to find a company that only does residential work, and we know residential windows like no one else. Because we are so well accustomed to residential properties, you will receive superior customer service that is actually consistent with your expectations. We take care of your windows, as if they are our own.


Though our focus is making sure your windows are looking great, we also know that our 24-foot ladder is an asset. If you’ve got ceiling fans that need some attention, a light bulb that needs to be swapped out, or anything else, we’ve got you covered. We’re here to make your life easier.

Check out our Services page for a full list of services A Brighter View provides. 

If you’re actually wondering how you can help us out, then thank you for being so considerate. We understand if a grand piano is blocking your shutters, or if your couch is placed perfectly where it needs to be. We are pros, and can work around most anything.

However if you have an expensive drum set in front of your bay windows, or family heirlooms lining your windowsills we would so appreciate you preparing for our arrival by removing those items.

Remember, the more efficient we can be in your home, the more we can reduce your price. Make it easy for us and we can make it even easier for you!

We have to admit, our team likes to travel.

While our two current home bases can be found in Minnesota, our crew has extensive experience working in homes, big and small, from coast to coast across America.

Between the handful of us, there isn’t a window we haven’t seen, let alone worked with.

Think of it like this: You get your oil changed in your car every 6 months, or 3,000 miles–whichever comes first, right? If you didn’t maintain your car, it could very well explode one day, then you’d have to spend a ton of money buying a new one.

At A Brighter View, we don’t just clean your windows, we maintain them for you. We have the knowledge and understanding of the various types of damage that occurs when your windows are neglected.

Don’t replace your windows

You don’t want to have to replace or fix your windows. Trust us, it’s expensive!

Whether you’re looking out at snow or sunshine, we want to make sure you have A Brighter View, all year through! Let us help to educate you on your situation. We want what’s best for you and your home.

At A Brighter View, our prices depend on the scope of the project. When coming up with a price for your project, we look at the number of windows you’re wanting clean, where they are located, what the style of the windows are, and the current condition they’re in. So, it’s really up to you!


If you sign on to have us clean your windows seasonally, we can reduce the long-term cost. Now, you don’t need to worry about last-minute cleanups! We’ll come by once a season and make sure your windows are sparkly clean all year ’round!

We do! You have a busy schedule, we get it! In most cases, you don’t have to be home for us to clean your exterior windows. We will do our thing while you’re away, and you’ll come home and say, “Wow! My house looks like I just bought the thing.”

Window-Cleaning-ArizonaSeasonal exterior cleaning

If you cook, burn candles often or open your windows on a regular basis, chances are there’s some buildup of grease or dirt on your glass and frames. In this case, call us and we’ll clean the interior and exterior of your home. We recommend cleaning the interior of your home once a year, and the exterior of your home should be cleaned every season–just to give your home that like-new feel, despite the changing weather!

The simple answer would be, No. On average, it takes us about 1-4 hours to complete the entire interior/exterior job for small-large homes. If your home is much larger than average, we can consult with you on executing the job in a way that fits your schedule.

Window-Cleaners-Paradise ValleyInterior first

We do have a backup plan, in case you need to run some errands and can’t stick around for the whole job, assuming your screens are accessible from the outside, we can start your project from the inside out, so that after your interior windows are clean, off you go! We’ll stick around to finish the exterior for you after you leave.

So, rest assured, it definitely does not take an entire day to clean your entire house. If you’re talking to other window cleaners who say it will… we don’t want to badmouth, but just stick with us. We know what we’re doing,

Of course we do! (In Minnesota!)

We’ve pressure washed plenty of garage floors, before. All we ask is that nothing remain on the floor when we get to work. We wouldn’t want to mess up your vintage vinyl collection, now would we?

And if you need help moving larger items off the floor, we’re more than happy to help move them for you.

Don’t worry about a thing! That old garage floor will look spic and span when we’re through with it.

Depending on where you live in Minnesota, your home could be covered with spider webs, mold, debris, or a fine layer of dust imperceptible to the eye, but your nose might be trying to tell you otherwise. Atchoo!

We provide full servicing of the exterior of your home. Just let us know where your problem areas are and what services you would like us to include.

We’ve got you covered!

We only use the most eco-friendly products there are! Who would we be if we didn’t think about how the planet feels when we clean your home?

Our window cleaning products (we only really use a small handful) are safe for the environment and your home. The only product that can be harmful if not diluted properly is chlorine (used for killing mold and algae), however this product is very infrequently needed. Our crew members are educated on the safe use of these products and always consult with the homeowner before applying chlorine to any surface.

The answer is yes, though. 99% of our cleaning supplies are eco-friendly.

WaterWashingBasically, it is an elaborate filtration process to remove any minerals from the water and ensure your windows dry spot-free.

The water-fed pole system is a very common window cleaning tool used by professional window cleaners. We use the water-fed pole system to clean windows up to five stories-high.

Plus, we don’t need to use any soap with water-fed poles, which some customers feel gives their windows a more natural feel to them.