During the winter months, it’s important to make sure your windows are sealed to prevent a cold draft from ruining your perfectly warm and cozy living space. When wind creeps under a broken window seal, it can also bring tiny particles of dirt to adhere to the insides of your windows, rendering your just-cleaned glass filmy instead of sparkly. (See our blog about foggy windows, to learn more.)

So, if you’re looking for a way to seal up your windows before the next sand or snow storm comes roaring through the neighborhood, here are few ways to insulate them against the cold this season.


Update caulking

How many times would you say you peer into the corners of your windows for signs of cracks in the caulking? It’s not one of our ingrained habits, to be sure, but if you feel a draft coming in through your windows, you may want to consider replacing the caulking around your panes.


Weather stripping

Weather stripping is another way to ensure your windows have a tight seal. It’s a quick and easy process which ultimately results in preventing dirt and wind from entering your home. This video boasts that weather stripping your windows can also reduce your energy costs. That’s a bonus, if we do say so, ourselves!

Add a plastic cling

For added insulation, stretch a piece of fitted plastic over your windows. Most people will tell you using a blow dryer will slightly shrink the plastic to give it that snug fit from edge to edge, and though it may seem a little mundane, it works! Watch this video to learn more about best practices for adding window clings to your windows.


Second double glazing

Adding a secondary pane to your windows is an effective way to trap warm air in your home during winter months and also serves as a vanguard against potential burglars, to boot. Double glazing also helps deafen outside noise, so that you can rest easy if you’re living in a large, clamorous city.


There you have it. Winterizing your windows is a fast and frugal way to keep your home draft free! These methods can also assist in preventing unwanted dirt and dust from clinging to your windows throughout the rest of the year, as well.

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