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First off, just as you wouldn’t hire an electrician to fix your toilet, you wouldn’t hire a commercial window cleaner to clean your storm windows. Commercial window cleaning is a whole different animal. When a commercial window cleaning company takes residential projects, the workers are conditioned to think “speed over quality”. That is not the type of attitude we promote within A Brighter View, and were pretty sure, that’s not an attitude you would promote in your home.
Commercial window cleaners are almost always sub-contractors who never consult directly with their client regarding the clients’ specific needs. Most of their experience is working with muddy boots on construction sites or on scaffolding, and cleaning commercial grade glass. Chances are, they have never seen a storm window (and maybe don’t even know what that is). Would you like to invite them into your home?

Our crew members know how to disassemble, reassemble, clean, and store your storm and combination windows throughout the changing in seasons. They also understand the difference between historic and modern windows (even homes with commercial glass), and can offer recommendations in caring for and maintaining them. We do what comes natural to us: performing a cleaning service that will impress any skeptic, and an attitude that will secure you as a customer for life. We can’t help it… we are just that cool.

We don’t call ourselves the “Residential Experts” just because it sounds good. We stress our residential expertise because we strive to fill a growing gap in the window cleaning industry. When you have been cleaning windows for as long as we have, you really start to see the lack of “window washers” that know how to approach a residential project, and it boils down to more than just being good with a squeegee. Not only are residential windows completely different than commercial windows, but the projects need to be approached completely differently as well. Our crew members have extensive experience working in homes, big and small, from the coasts of the Atlantic, to the deserts of Arizona, to the northern states in the beautiful Midwest. There isn’t a residential window that we haven’t seen.

By protecting your investment.
We at A Brighter View see your windows as your investment… Yes, an Investment! Much like regularly changing the fluids or getting the oil changed in your vehicle, we perform maintenance your windows in an effort to keep them looking great, but also to help maximize their level of efficiency and overall lifespan. If you have ever looked into it, windows are not cheap to replace. Years of neglect can cause your glass to become brittle and stained, your seals to weaken and break, and your sills and frames to grow mold and rot. We are here to make sure you will never have to fix or replace them, protecting your investment, and enjoying A Brighter View at the same time.

At A Brighter View, our pricing will vary from project to project and is based on a variety of factors (i.e. number of windows, location of windows, condition, style, etc.). In most cases, if you choose to maintain your windows seasonally, after your initial cleaning we can reduce the long term cost of your service by locking you in at a particular rate. In most situations, we can provide a rough estimate over the phone and we always confirm the price before starting on your project.

Since we know residential windows, we immediately understand the best and most efficient way to approach your particular project. We don’t have to waste any time guessing or fumbling around. This means that you get a job well done at our lowest possible price. We are not here to take advantage of our customers who do not understand their windows. Instead, we want to help them understand the type of windows they have how frequently they need to be maintained. Our Experts will make recommendations that will save you money in both cleaning and energy costs throughout the year. Relationships are more important to us than hidden fees or up-charges. We want to make sure that you are comfortable with your price, as well as the end result.

Depending on the time of year, how often you open your windows, or how frequently you cook/burn candles, your interior glass may not require servicing more than once a year. That being the case, after an initial Interior & Exterior cleaning, many customers will maintain their service throughout the year by choosing to only clean the Exterior of their windows. Exterior Only service is that in nearly all cases we can provide this service while you are at work or out and about (you don’t need to be home).

Most homes can be completed in 1-4 hours. This all depends on the size of your home. It is rare for us to run into a project that takes us longer than 6 hours. What we like to do is start by cleaning the interior glass. This way, if our customers have a busy day, they can head off to take care of personal matters while we finish up on the exterior of their glass. We are used to being flexible with our customers schedules and we can always find a way to make sure our service fits with yours!

Many customers ask for us to pressure wash the interior of their garage. We are happy to provide that service. All that we require is that personal items be removed from the floor before we arrive. If you need help moving any larger items, just let us know and we will be happy to help accommodate you.

Depending on where you live, your home could be covered with spider webs, mold, debris, or just dust. We provide full servicing of the exterior of your home. Just let us know where your problem areas are and what services you would like us to include. Exterior house cleaning is bid on a case by case basis.

Absolutely. All of our window cleaning products (we only really use a small handful) are safe for the environment and your home. The only product that can be harmful if not used or diluted properly is chlorine or bleach (used for killing mold and algae), however this product is very infrequently needed and used only for certain pressure washing services. Our crew members are educated on the safe use of these products and always consult with the homeowner before applying  chlorine to any surface.

The water fed pole system is a very common window cleaning tool used by professional window cleaners. It runs your ground water through an elaborate filtration process to remove any minerals that would normally leave spots on your glass. The filtered water is then tested to ensure its mineral content is less then 10 parts per million, guaranteeing it will dry spot-free.  By purifying the water, this pole can give your windows and frames a 100% Eco-friendly (and much more thorough) clean. We don’t always use the water pole, but in some situations, it is the better option. Many of our customers enjoy this system because of the great job it does on windows and frames without using any soap.