If you’re asking yourself the question, “Does it matter how much experience a company has?” then the answer is most definitely, “Yes.” Here are a few tips to help you get started on your research toward choosing the right window cleaning company for you.



Check the company’s reviews on Google. If they boast three or fewer stars, keep looking around for a higher quality company. However, if a company has five stars and all of the comments sound the same, there is a good chance that they either bought their likes, or someone is spamming their page.



“About” Page

Read the “About” section of the website. Does the company say they have a lot of experience, or are they new to the neighborhood? A Brighter View has been professional window cleaning business since 2001. You can trust that what we say on our About Us page is 100 percent true.


social-mediaSocial Media

Do a little social media recon on the companies you’re thinking about choosing. Are they active on Facebook? Do they respond to messages quickly? There is a new feature on the sidebar of Facebook business pages that tells you how long it takes for them to respond to inquiries. If they response rate is longer than a day, you might want to consider going with another company.


word-of-mouthWord of Mouth

Ask around.¬†This is the most important factor in determining the reputation of a company. If four-out-of-five people you talk to say that a particular company has a good management team, they’re punctual, and friendly, then you’re bound to believe that company serves a positive influence on the outlying community. Go with the ones whom everyone is talking about!


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