So, you’re cleaning your windows one day and you notice a hairline crack running along the pane. Or, maybe there is a golf-ball sized circle where the glass is shattered and you want to either fix or replace the window, pronto. There are different reasons why you consider fixing vs. replacing broken windows.

Which should you choose? First, let’s look at the cause of the break.


What caused your window to break?

Wear and Tear

The average window will experience some wear and tear over the years, due to steady pressure from the environment. You wouldn’t notice that your windows have been expanding and contracting, over time, but this occurs due to natural causes. Tempered glass is stronger than heat-strengthened glass, and can slow this process down, but both will inevitably experience pressure cracks over time.


broken-windowsSevere weather

If you see a new crack careening wildly across your window pane, the likely cause is a fluctuation in temperature. Stress cracks erupt when the weather suddenly shifts from hot to cold or vice versa. Based on sun exposure and the overall climate, stress cracks can happen depending on where your windows (and your home) is located geographically, and it also depends on which direction your windows are facing.


broken-windowsSudden impact

In the case of a break caused by sudden impact, you’ll notice the window has shattered in a centralized area, isolated from the remaining untouched glass. This could be caused by a pebble flying in at high speed or perhaps someone inadvertently flung an object at the glass, unknowingly.


Should you fix it or replace it?

Before deciding whether you should fix or replace your window, determine what the cause of breakage stems from. If your window panes appear dirty or the paint and molding around the seal is cracked, a simple window cleaning would suffice.

On the other hand, if your window is cracked (and the windows are inexpensive to replace), suggests replacing the entire pane. However, if you have Victorian or antique windows, your best bet would be to repair them as best you can.


Want a second opinion? A member of the A Brighter View team can come out and look at your windows and assess the situation. Give us a call or drop us an email, and we’ll help you figure out what caused the break in your window.