water-fed-polesFrom the customer’s point of view, you may be skeptical of the tools we use, such as water-fed poles. If you’re unfamiliar with the process of professional window cleaning. In the old days, window cleaners would rig up a pulley system to grant them access to the upper floors of residential homes. Window cleaners in the past knew of no other way to get as close to the window as possible.

Fast forward to today. Technology has come far as to provide window cleaners to allow them to easily reach heights previously unfathomable. Now, workers  can stay safe with their two feet on the ground. There are rare cases, however, where we will prop up a ladder on the side of a house to clean windows. This allows us to gain access to hard-to-reach windows, so we can concentrate on problem areas in detail.

Most cases allow us to use water-fed poles using filtered water to sweep away any amount of rust, dust, or soap residue that might have built up over time. When you’re unaccustomed to periodically cleaning your windows, you can trust us to do the job right.

The Process

When we use water-fed poles to clean your windows, we use the mounted system in the back of our A Brighter View work truck. We wire up the pump to a power supply, and connect the length of pole that is needed, then select our preferred water pressure. Our high-capacity de-ionized canisters then deliver water to your windows to provide you with the deep clean you’re looking for.

We have been using this method for over a decade. So, we know how to maintain the right posture to ensure the right angle is attained to properly clean your windows. This is why you would want to hire a professional window cleaner, instead of doing it yourself.

Other Factors

These are the factors that determine which system we’ll use to suit your specific window washing needs:

  • Glass Type
  • Frame Type
  • Quality of Paint Work
  • Dirt Composition

To put it simply, we would use a gentler spray option on window frames with cracked paint. On the other hand, we would use higher pressure on windows with years of dirt or bird residue adhered to them.

When you choose A Brighter View to clean your windows, rest assured you’ll be in good hands, regardless of how tough your project is.