Flowers brighten up any space in your home, when arranged in a prominent place. Whether you’re hosting a banquet or getting your friends together for cribbage night, add a little color to your life with a bouquet on your foyer table. Guests will feel immediately at ease when crossing the threshold into your home.


Fresh Flowers

flower-arrangementsRoses and Asparagus

Asparagus. It’s not just food anymore, says Ron Morgan of In the Company of Flowers. Wow your guests with an arrangement of pink and white roses encircled with a fence of asparagus. Save-on-Crafts delivers. Photo courtesy of Ron Morgan.  



flower-arrangementsAnthurium Orchid

Add a touch of modern class to your home with a Yukiko floral arrangement. Their style is very unique, in that all arrangements are one-of-a-kind, featuring minimalist touches and creating a space for vibrant flowers to breathe in contrast with their fresh stems and ivy counterparts. Yukiko’s Floral Design Studio delivers. Photo courtesy of Peter Neibert.


Orange Dahlias

flower-arrangementsComplement your tastefully chosen wallpaper with a centerpiece of orange dahlias on your table. This arrangement brightens the room with a milieu of color to add a touch of personality to your space. Brought to you by Martha Stewart. Photo courtesy of Marion Brenner. 


flower-arrangementsZen Artistry

Looking for more of an oriental style? This bamboo and orchid display lends a sense of calm to an otherwise hectic environment. Tune out the business of the day and focus and bring a touch of zen into your home with these flower arrangements by Teleflora. Teleflora delivers. Photo courtesy of Teleflora. 


Calla Lillies

flower arrangementsKeep it simple with a sunflower and some calla lilies in a circular vase. This piece looks as if it should be part of the furniture, but it is in fact a new style of vase, sporting a spherical shape as opposed to more antiqued upright glass containers. Brought to you by Decoist. Photo by Decoist. 


Silk Flowers

Hflower arrangementsydrangeas and Pears

Artificial flowers are the low-maintenance way to go about freshening up your home, all year round. This collection of white hydrangeas sitting atop a setting of pears is sure to delight guests, while providing a conversation piece to your more curious friends. Houzz delivers. Photo courtesy of Houzz.


Tissue Paper Flowers

Feeling crafty? Make your own flower arrangements out of tissue paper. You can find tips on Pinterest or other blog sites to help unleash your creative side. Here’s an idea we found online: